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Television Service in your RV

One of the great things about living in an RV today is that practically all the modern conveniences are available to you.  These days you do not even have to give up your favorite television programs when full-timing in a well equipped recreational vehicle.

RV Dish TV

Unlike most stick based housing offerings, it is possible to get satellite TV fro your RV on a month to month basis.  These contract free pay-as-you-go offerings offer huge savings – you can only pay for the service while you are on the road.  This service is grate for snow-birders who may only travel for half the year, and live in a home base the remainder of the time.  Instead of paying for two TV services, they can turn this one off when it is not required.

Some of the many benefits of the DISH-TV Pay-as-you-go program include:

  • No additional monthly service fees
  • No requirement for a contract
  • No charges to stop or start monthly service
  • Available HD programming (small extra charge)

One feature that DISH-TV boasts is support for Ku-band dome and portable satellite antennas.  These antennas are not supported by their chief competitor – DirecTV.  DISH also handles in-motion HD programs – this allows TV viewing not just when you are stopped for the night, but even while your RV is moving down the road!

DISH-TV offers many plans for RV travellers.  These include the basic DISH AMERICA plan – including 60+ channels for only $35 a month – and the AMERICA’S TOP 120 PLUS selectio for $49.99/month.  Those with bigger budgets – or who simply must have the best – can choose the AMERICAS TOP 200 or AMERICAS TOP 250 plans for sixty or seventy dollars per month respectively.

If you are a traveler who still maintains a stick home, DISH offers a budget friendly option of only 7 dollars a month to add RV reception to your existing plan. With the purchase of a mobile HD receiver and this small add-on fee you will have your favorite TV programs available both at home and on the road!

Satellite Antennas for RVs

Winegard offers a good selection of RV antennas.  These include the Winegard Carryout GM-MP1, the Winegard Dish Network 1000.2 Satellite plus Tripid, and the handy Winegard TR-1518 Tripod accessory.

Raysat is another provider. They sell high end systems such as the SpeedRay 1000 LE and the RaySat T5-R.







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