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Right Bike Rack for Your RV -Tips to Install One

-Tips for choosing the appropriate bike rack for an RV:

The objective of using a bike rack is simple. But there’s a seemingly endless selection of bike rack models and a wide range of prices from which to choose. By and large, this is an advantage, but to get the appropriate bike rack for your needs, you should do a little bit of research and compare the different makes and models. The appropriate rack should fit the vehicle properly, securely transport the bikes, and must fall within your budget. The wrong rack may perhaps be a safety hazard, and may possibly lead to a stolen, lost, or damaged bicycle.

The solution to choosing the right bike rack is precisely defining your needs and assessing your vehicle. One should always consider the following when choosing a bike rack for your RV:

  • How often will it be used?
  • How many bikes are needed to be transported?
  • Do you need to switch the rack between different vehicles?
  • whether the vehicle leased or rented?


-Tips to instal a bike rack On your RV:

Bike racks are the most popular tools for transporting bikes over long distances. Most bike racks are equipped to fit compact RVs, cars, SUVs and trucks. Once you’ve determined which rack works best for you all you need to do is install it, and you’re all set to transport your bike. Discussed below are some steps for installing a bike rack:

  • Adjust the upper and lower support girds of your bike rack. The smaller arm should be on top and the longer arm on the bottom.
  • Position the arms upward at 15 to 20 degrees angle. Each arm should be fitted with a knob that can be loosened to change the angle of the arms. After you have adjusted the arms properly, they should make the shape of the letter “V”.
  • Position the rack on the trunk or hatch of your RV. The bike rack kit comes with two upper belts which should be attached to the top edge of the trunk with hooks which are also included within the kit. When attached, they should form a straight line. Two side hooks and two lower hooks with belts will also be included. Fix the two side hooks and belts to the side of your trunk or hatch and the two lower hooks and belts to the base of the trunk.

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