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How to Find a Great Deal on a Used Motorhome or RV

A lot of people would like to save 15 to 20% when they buy a used motor home. With the current economic recession, money is really tight and so any time people can save money, it makes buying a used motor home or RV much easier. The problem for a lot of people is that they do not know where to look so they cannot always find the best deals on used Rvs.

One way to find a great deal on a used motorhome is to look through expired newspaper listings. Most of the time, people who list their RV for sale by owner in the newspaper don’t sell them the first time that they list them. A lot of times people will list them in the newspaper and they may not have a lot of interest in their ad. Often, a seller is lucky to get one or two phone calls off of an add in the newspaper. If the seller feels like their ad is unproductive, they will not renew it. But they are still interested in selling their motorhome. I like to look at expired listings that are less that six weeks old. When you find a motorhome that seems like a good deal, you can still call them and ask them if they have sold it yet. Not only does this give you access to a lot more used inventory, but occasionally, you can also find sellers who are pretty anxious to sell. Sellers that have been trying to sell for quite a while without any success, may also be more flexible in price. When you find someone who is motivated to sell, you can save yourself a lot of money. A lot of times, you have to wait for a seller’s motivation to ripen before you can get the best price.

Occasionally, you can find good deals at a dealership also. This is the case if the dealership is having trouble or if they are selling bank repo Rvs for a bank or local credit union. Most of the time dealerships will have a 40% markup on their inventory and it will make it much harder to find good deals at a dealership. People who typically buy from a dealership aren’t trying to save money, they are trying to buy a motorhome more conveniently.

There are several other methods that you can use to find used Rvs and motorhomes for sale by owner. Another method involves going to and RV Park N Sell lot. This is a place where owners can pay $40-$50 to park there motorhomes at over the weekend. One lot may have Rvs parked from 20 or 30 different sellers. It is nice to go to a Sell lot because you can still buy Rvs directly from the owners, and you can get a look at a bunch of different Rvs at once so you can save yourself some time.

It is important to just keep looking. You may find a great deal while you are driving to work, parked on the side of the road. You may also find a good deal at a storage unit when you see a for-sale sign in an RV window. If you want to get a good deal, talk to all of your neighbors, family, and colleagues at work. You will be surprised at how often you will find that there is someone trying to sell a motorhome or RV. Keep in mind that Rvs and motor homes are much easier to buy than they are to sell. You should never be in a hurry to buy. If you spent a few hours looking each weekend plan on it taking you 5 to 6 weeks to buy an RV, you will probably save yourself at least 15%. On a $50,000 motorhome, saving 15 to 20% can be quiet and accomplishment.

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