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Guide to Buying a Used RV

RVs immediately begin to depreciate the minute they get driven off the lot. Like any other type of vehicle, they lose value no matter how much use the owner gets out of them. For those in the market for a used RV, this can mean finding great bargains, if they know how to look for them.

One benefit of buying used instead of new is that the vehicle will depreciate more in the first year than in any other year of its lifespan. The buyer of a used RV will not have to bear that loss. Of course, the vehicle will still depreciate, just in smaller increments.

Aside from the initial cost of the vehicle, the buyer must first decide how much use they want to get from it before they commence shopping. Heavy usage, such as spending a year traveling around in one, has different requirements from light usage, where the buyer plans on living in the RV for a short amount of time out of the year. They will also have to decide on a budget, as with shopping for any other large purchase.

Costs to take into consideration include the fact that many communities will not allow an RV to be parked indefinitely by a resident; the buyer will need to find out if this is the case where they live. If their homeowner’s association or landlord refuses them the right to park the vehicle, then the cost of storage will also have to be factored in.

Beyond that, they will have to follow the same rules as when purchasing a used car, meaning they will have to carefully inspect any RV they are thinking of buying.

With an RV this means looking for defects like:• Scratches and dents on the exterior• Bad tires• Air conditioning that does not cool• Missing or broken appliances (water heaters, stoves, refrigerators)

Note that not all problems may be seen at a glance, so buyers should take the time to perform a careful and thorough inspection. If necessary, they should find someone who knows about RVs to go along when inspecting the unit.

A buyer should expect to pay more for a newer unit, in good condition and that has more extras, as with any other type of vehicle. Research on the MSRP for a particular year, model and brand should be conducted. The buyer should also check the history and Carfax report.

RVs that are properly maintained can run well for years and provide multiple different owners with comfort and safety according to one of the best Springfield MO rv dealers. They can usually be resold without too much trouble if they are kept in good condition.


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