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Television Service in your RV

One of the great things about living in an RV today is that practically all the modern conveniences are available to you.  These days you do not even have to give up your favorite television programs when full-timing in a well equipped recreational vehicle.

RV Dish TV

Unlike most stick based housing offerings, it is possible to get satellite TV fro your RV on a month to month basis.  These contract free pay-as-you-go offerings offer huge savings – you can only pay for the service while you are on the road.  This service is grate for snow-birders who may only travel for half the year, and live in a home base the remainder of the time.  Instead of paying for two TV services, they can turn this one off when it is not required.

Some of the many benefits of the DISH-TV Pay-as-you-go program include:

  • No additional monthly service fees
  • No requirement for a contract
  • No charges to stop or start monthly service
  • Available HD programming (small extra charge)

One feature that DISH-TV boasts is support for Ku-band dome and portable satellite antennas.  These antennas are not supported by their chief competitor – DirecTV.  DISH also handles in-motion HD programs – this allows TV viewing not just when you are stopped for the night, but even while your RV is moving down the road!

DISH-TV offers many plans for RV travellers.  These include the basic DISH AMERICA plan – including 60+ channels for only $35 a month – and the AMERICA’S TOP 120 PLUS selectio for $49.99/month.  Those with bigger budgets – or who simply must have the best – can choose the AMERICAS TOP 200 or AMERICAS TOP 250 plans for sixty or seventy dollars per month respectively.

If you are a traveler who still maintains a stick home, DISH offers a budget friendly option of only 7 dollars a month to add RV reception to your existing plan. With the purchase of a mobile HD receiver and this small add-on fee you will have your favorite TV programs available both at home and on the road!

Satellite Antennas for RVs

Winegard offers a good selection of RV antennas.  These include the Winegard Carryout GM-MP1, the Winegard Dish Network 1000.2 Satellite plus Tripid, and the handy Winegard TR-1518 Tripod accessory.

Raysat is another provider. They sell high end systems such as the SpeedRay 1000 LE and the RaySat T5-R.







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Memories of RV Living As A Kid

While I have not had the joy of travelling in an RV with kids as an adult, I remember fondly my days back in Australia exploring the country in a small caravan with my parents and my brother as a kid.  We would spend weeks – sometimes even months – travelling to and thru remote rural destinations.

I have fond memories of camping on some dusty campground, exploring and getting into all sorts of mild mischief.  With the benefits of hindsight, I can see that we were not exactly living it up – these were cheap campgrounds – but that made no difference to me as a kid. I still had a great time.

Our little trailer was a popup.  My brother and I were squeezed into a little place that I don’t think I could handle sleeping in alone now; I have simply grown too tall! My head was right by the hum of the refrigerator, which I thought at the time was rather cool.

These travels did spoil me somewhat.  We had amenities such as a sink, a little stove, and the like.  While not luxurious, it makes tent camping look rather primitive to me as an adult; and I think all my camping exploits since then have been shaped by the desire for at least those basic comforts.

We did not have a bathroom in our camper.  I remember this distinctly, as in the middle of the night we had to go walking across the campground to make use of the facilities.  This was rather terrifying for me as a young kid – I recall expecting some sort of monster to be out there waiting for me.   I was also afraid I would tread on a snake or a spider – not unnatural fears for an Aussie kid!

I do not have kids myself, but if I did, I would definitely take them out on similar trips.  I had so much fun, and learnt a lot more about the world than I would have simply sitting in front of the television.  In today’s gadget oriented world children could really benefit from seeing more of the ‘real’ world.

Those early family trips fostered my great love of the outdoors, and a love of the ‘gypsy’ lifestyle that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am confident I would never have fallen in love with the full-time RV’ing lifestyle without those early experiences.  Thank you Mom and Dad!


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Right Bike Rack for Your RV -Tips to Install One

-Tips for choosing the appropriate bike rack for an RV:

The objective of using a bike rack is simple. But there’s a seemingly endless selection of bike rack models and a wide range of prices from which to choose. By and large, this is an advantage, but to get the appropriate bike rack for your needs, you should do a little bit of research and compare the different makes and models. The appropriate rack should fit the vehicle properly, securely transport the bikes, and must fall within your budget. The wrong rack may perhaps be a safety hazard, and may possibly lead to a stolen, lost, or damaged bicycle.

The solution to choosing the right bike rack is precisely defining your needs and assessing your vehicle. One should always consider the following when choosing a bike rack for your RV:

  • How often will it be used?
  • How many bikes are needed to be transported?
  • Do you need to switch the rack between different vehicles?
  • whether the vehicle leased or rented?


-Tips to instal a bike rack On your RV:

Bike racks are the most popular tools for transporting bikes over long distances. Most bike racks are equipped to fit compact RVs, cars, SUVs and trucks. Once you’ve determined which rack works best for you all you need to do is install it, and you’re all set to transport your bike. Discussed below are some steps for installing a bike rack:

  • Adjust the upper and lower support girds of your bike rack. The smaller arm should be on top and the longer arm on the bottom.
  • Position the arms upward at 15 to 20 degrees angle. Each arm should be fitted with a knob that can be loosened to change the angle of the arms. After you have adjusted the arms properly, they should make the shape of the letter “V”.
  • Position the rack on the trunk or hatch of your RV. The bike rack kit comes with two upper belts which should be attached to the top edge of the trunk with hooks which are also included within the kit. When attached, they should form a straight line. Two side hooks and two lower hooks with belts will also be included. Fix the two side hooks and belts to the side of your trunk or hatch and the two lower hooks and belts to the base of the trunk.
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Review of the Honda Goldwing 1800 Motorcycle

The Honda Goldwing 1800 is the flagship of the Honda motorcycle range and comes with an airbag as well as many other advanced accessories which go towards making it one of the world’s most luxurious motorbikes.  Read on for more about this motorbike, including what you can expect should you decide to purchase the Honda Goldwing 1800.

Introduction to the Honda Goldwing 1800

The brakes on the Honda Goldwing are fully equipped with ABS. The suspension also gives a lot of comfort, with compression damping adjusted using buttons on the right side of the. The suspension appears in line with the bike, in other words it operates on a sort of flying carpet above the engine – well, that’s how it felt to me anyway!  Other motorcyclists will know what I mean.  If you are driving the Honda in mountainous terrain then you will need to exercise a little bit of restraint when the road gets bumpy or bends are increasing.  This is due to the low ground clearance.

Clear Dashboard Display with GPS Navigation

In terms of the front of the bike, the Honda Goldwing includes a dashboard with speedometer, a tachometer, gauge, engine temperature, and a central digital display that contains radio, GPS mapping, and details on the headlamps.

On the left side of the fairing is everything you need to control the radio, and the central part contains nothing since this is the place reserved for the airbag. On the right side, there are buttons to adjust the headlight height and buttons needed to operate the GPS. Be careful not to take your eyes off the road though, as many of the buttons are placed quite low down.

High Comfort Levels for Driver and Passenger

Rider comfort on the Honda Goldwing is top notch with a seat worthy of a lounge chair.  It provides a very natural feel and outstanding comfort and the fairing is protected very well.  For driving, you will appreciate the adjustable levers and cruise control on the highway.

If you are driving with passengers then they will also travel in comfort.  There are wide footrests, armrests on the rear speakers (optional), large grab handle and the rear seat is heated like the front – which can be controlled independently from the driver by a small knob under the left rear speaker.

Lots of Room for Weekend Travel

The cargo space available is very impressive too. The trunk and panniers allow you to take everything you want for a weekend for two. You can easily store two full face helmets and some cases, although the panniers are not large enough to store a month’s shopping, but just enough for a weekend break as it easily takes two travel bags.  In the front fascia under the handlebars there is another small storage area which includes an MP3 player jack so you can listen to your favorite music.  You can even sync via Bluetooth into your helmet for hands-free entertainment functionality.

Overall, this is one of the best larger motorcycles on the market and is a true market leader, comparing only to similar sized models from the Harley Davidson range.

Author Credits: This review of the Honda Goldwing comes courtesy of the GPS Navigation DVD website.  Please visit them if you would like a Honda Navi Promo Code 2012 which offers money off GPS map updates for the navigation device that comes with the Honda Goldwing.