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Lake Osprey RV Country Club

There may be a lot of great vacation spots in Alabama, but few compare to  the beautiful Lake Osprey. For RV enthusiasts, Lake Osprey is the total escape – part RV resort and part Golfing destination. With so many perks and services at Lake Osprey RV Country Club, you’re guaranteed a refreshing good time, a vivid impression of the nature’s beauty and life’s luxuries.

Lake Osprey is nestled at the most strategic place in Alabama, overlooking a startling view of trees, park and other deluxe establishments. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this place as a dashing vacation stopover for the family, or for an extended stay by RV snowbirds.  Exclusive, but not too much so, it is open to Class A, Class C and Fifth Wheel RVs all.

Lake Osprey is well known for its firm dedication of preserving the natural values of the environment. If you visit here then you would discover that everything feels refreshing and invigorating to the senses. Isn’t this something to look forward to in a typical vacation?

Good news welcome anyone who’s willing to stay and retire at Lake Osprey. All the needed amenities that you can find in a typical vacation package can be found here. The mood is warm and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Your recreational vehicle can never have a better place for a stop over than this.

No such thing as a dangerous ride. Safety is a major priority at Lake Osprey. As this is one of the hottest hotspots for retirement and vacation – especially for those RV enthusiasts – security is highly emphasized. The management doesn’t let their guard down, not that is much to worry about in the area anyway.

Vacation amenities are a-plenty. It feels like you’re all over the place with shopping stores selling exquisite products. Aside from the golf and country club features, expect you that will find amazing restaurants, museums and parks to explore. Notable singers like Rascal Flatts, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Mellencamp and Tim McGraw have been here to perform.

At time of writing, prices ran $40 per night, $200 a week, and $550 a month.  While not the cheapest park, the prices are very reasonable for a park that frequently ranks well in lists such as the Trailer Life directory of best RV’ing locations.

This is the best RV destination site in the area. There’s no doubt about this. The place is serene, with landscapes few have ever seen – nature’s peace and natural sunshine abound.


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How To Winterize a Motorhome

People who have yet to make the decision to live fulltime in their RV, but already have one in their possession, need to consider how best to handle the effects of the cold of winter on their recreational vehicle.

If you are going to be parking your RV for the cold season, there are several things worth doing to protect the financial investment you have in your vehicle.

Install a RV Water Heater Bypass Kit

These kits, once installed, allow you to take your water heater temporarily out of the plumbing system.  This is important to do during the winter when not in use, as any water retained in there could potentially freeze, causing damage to the tank or water lines.

Drain and Flush Your RV Holding Tanks

You don’t want gallons of dirty water sitting in your gray holding tank for months over the winter.  Even more so, you definitely don’t want gallons of waste in your black holding tanks for all that time!  Use your RVs tank flushing systems to clean out both these tanks before parking for the winter. If you do not have a built-in flushing system then use a product like Flush King to empty those tanks.

Protect Your RV With an RV Cover
Rv Covers

Anytime an RV is not in use, it is a good practice to cover it with a high quality RV cover.  These shield your investment from the harsh effects of the elements, and winter weather is particularly damaging.

Fill Your System With Non-Toxic RV Antifreeze

Use a water pump converter kit to pump antifreeze through your plumbing system. Ensure all faucets, showers, and the like are dispensing anti-freeze by the time you are done.  Flush the toilet until no more water is present, i.e. antifreeze appears.  The water heater bypass is critical here, as it will take many gallons of antifreeze if you need to fill its tank also.

This is a basic list of some of the winterizing tasks for an RV.  You should consult your owner’s manual for a full checklist.  Forums dedicated to particular models of motorhome – Airstream, Newmar, Casita, etc… – can provide an abundance of tips and tricks appropriate for the RV or travel trailer you own.

Those of us who are fulltime RV dwellers will not need to do all the items in this list, as our units stay warm year around.  However, we should still be aware of these items, as you never can know when circumstances may change.  One day we too may need to park our RV for the winter.






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How to Find a Great Deal on a Used Motorhome or RV

A lot of people would like to save 15 to 20% when they buy a used motor home. With the current economic recession, money is really tight and so any time people can save money, it makes buying a used motor home or RV much easier. The problem for a lot of people is that they do not know where to look so they cannot always find the best deals on used Rvs.

One way to find a great deal on a used motorhome is to look through expired newspaper listings. Most of the time, people who list their RV for sale by owner in the newspaper don’t sell them the first time that they list them. A lot of times people will list them in the newspaper and they may not have a lot of interest in their ad. Often, a seller is lucky to get one or two phone calls off of an add in the newspaper. If the seller feels like their ad is unproductive, they will not renew it. But they are still interested in selling their motorhome. I like to look at expired listings that are less that six weeks old. When you find a motorhome that seems like a good deal, you can still call them and ask them if they have sold it yet. Not only does this give you access to a lot more used inventory, but occasionally, you can also find sellers who are pretty anxious to sell. Sellers that have been trying to sell for quite a while without any success, may also be more flexible in price. When you find someone who is motivated to sell, you can save yourself a lot of money. A lot of times, you have to wait for a seller’s motivation to ripen before you can get the best price.

Occasionally, you can find good deals at a dealership also. This is the case if the dealership is having trouble or if they are selling bank repo Rvs for a bank or local credit union. Most of the time dealerships will have a 40% markup on their inventory and it will make it much harder to find good deals at a dealership. People who typically buy from a dealership aren’t trying to save money, they are trying to buy a motorhome more conveniently.

There are several other methods that you can use to find used Rvs and motorhomes for sale by owner. Another method involves going to and RV Park N Sell lot. This is a place where owners can pay $40-$50 to park there motorhomes at over the weekend. One lot may have Rvs parked from 20 or 30 different sellers. It is nice to go to a Sell lot because you can still buy Rvs directly from the owners, and you can get a look at a bunch of different Rvs at once so you can save yourself some time.

It is important to just keep looking. You may find a great deal while you are driving to work, parked on the side of the road. You may also find a good deal at a storage unit when you see a for-sale sign in an RV window. If you want to get a good deal, talk to all of your neighbors, family, and colleagues at work. You will be surprised at how often you will find that there is someone trying to sell a motorhome or RV. Keep in mind that Rvs and motor homes are much easier to buy than they are to sell. You should never be in a hurry to buy. If you spent a few hours looking each weekend plan on it taking you 5 to 6 weeks to buy an RV, you will probably save yourself at least 15%. On a $50,000 motorhome, saving 15 to 20% can be quiet and accomplishment.

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The Importance Of Garmin GPS Map Updates For Your RV

If you are planning to use your RV in the New Year, then now could be the perfect time for you to get the latest Garmin map updates if you are going to be relying on a GPS to get you on your way.   Garmin GPS devices are the most popular GPS products in the country, with the Nuvi range assisting will millions of automotive journeys each day.

Having the latest Garmin GPS updates is especially important for the typical RV lifestyle, because the majority of the time you will be driving to new and unknown destinations – so getting there safely and on time is of paramount importance.

Why Download New Garmin Map Updates?

Every day there are changes and alterations occurring on the nation’s roads.  Whether that is a new junction appearing or new roads being built, there is every chance that your Garmin Nuvi will be out of date as soon as you remove it from the packaging.

Garmin GPS Updates for RV Drivers

Having the most up to date maps and routing on your GPS is even more important for RV drivers because when you download Garmin map updates you will also benefit from millions of new POIs.  POIs are points of interest files and include “touch and go” destinations and useful locations such as:

  • Camping and Trail Parks
  • Hospitals and Police Stations
  • ATM Machines
  • Shopping Destinations
  • Tourist Attractions (including all US National Parks)

How to Download Garmin Map Updates

Getting new map software on your Nuvi GPS is very simple.  Firstly, visit the My GPS Map Updates website by clicking this link for Garmin GPS updates.  Once on there you will find instructions and links to the cheapest suppliers of map software.  In most cases, this will be the official Garmin website itself.

Updating is quick, but you will need to register your device with the manufacturer first because you will then gain access to their online system which checks your model serial number, and then returns the best map updates choices to suit you and your product.

Costs for these Garmin map updates range from free up to around $90 US Dollars should you need maps for the lifetime of your product.  Free maps are only available if you have owned your GPS for less than 90 days so in most cases RV owners will need to pay a fee to get the new upgrade.

What About Factory-Installed GPS Devices?

If your RV came with an in-built GPS rather than a standalone like the Garmin Nuvi, then you can still update the maps on it.  However, in this case you will typically need to purchase a DVD from a company called Navteq who supply navigation update DVDs to the majority of motor manufacturers.

Planning Your RV Route with Your Garmin

Once you have the latest maps installed then the World is your oyster.  The Garmin Nuvi GPS will let you plot and plan your next journey, and they will let you select stop-off points along your way.  The adventures you will have on the road will be greatly enhanced if you have up to date GPS maps and should mean you live the RV lifestyle to the full and get the most from your vehicle.