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Walhalla Riverside City Park – Walhalla – North Dakota

Started the day by traveling north again past the Minot Air Force Base.  Again had no luck seeing any aircraft take off or land, but did manage to catch sight of a bunch of B52s sitting on the runway.  They don’t make it easy – you have to go down some paved roads, and you really don’t see all that much.

This done, we headed again towards the Canadian border, this time we paralleled the border along highway 43, and travelled the Turtle Mountain Scenic Byway.  Driving this route we saw ‘Mystical Horizon’ which was actually less new-age than it sounds.

This is a modern interpretation of Stonehenge on a hilltop with a great view incorporating a sundial, a scope for sighting on Polaris and old school stone markers for determining the change of seasons. Unfortunately the sky was full of clouds so we couldn’t do much with any of those.

Later we drove to Strawberry Lake.  This site has great campsite potential, as it is very secluded but has generous facilities, and is quite close to the attractive lake.  The heavy forest also includes – according to signage – many fruits, though I wouldn’t advise anyone to randomly grab foliage without a solid knowledge of botany.

Next we made our way around Lake Metigoshi.  From what I can see this is a popular retreat with the well heeled,   as there were many expensive looking properties on the water line.  We considered stopping in the local state park, as the town offered a long pedestrian path that looked worthy of further exploration, but decided to continue on.

Several hours later we reached Pembina Gorge thinking it would offer some camping opportunities.  Unfortunately it turned out to be an ATV trail type destination, rather than a place for campers, so we carried on.

In the town of Walhalla we thankfully discovered a nice campground – the Walhalla Riverside City Park – so we set up camp there in the grassy shade for the evening. The ground at the site got wet by dew during the night, but it was a pretty quiet and comfortable site which allowed us to sleep in for the first time for a long time.

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