RV The Movie

Starring Cheryl Hines, Kristin Chenoweth and the ever versatile Robin Williams, the film RV (2006) is a story of a man who wants to get out of the strained, stressful lifestyle of the corporate setting and to finally enjoy some quality time vacation with his family – but only to find out that the adventure was even more eventful, characterized by nerve-racking but otherwise exhilarating speed bumps.  Also known as RV the movie and released as Runaway Vacation in some theaters around the world, RV (2006) is a good comedy film to watch with the family.

The plot is simple:  here comes a man named Bob Munro (portrayed by Robin Williams) who wanted nothing more than to ease himself out of the hectic day to day lifestyle of the corporate job, to have some quality time that doesn’t have to do with his work as a company executive, and most of all, to spend good times with the rest of his family.  But things get really haywire when finally they rent an RV vehicle to travel to the Rockies, and this is where the adventurous plot thickens.

The film wasn’t loved by movie film critics (gathering a lot of negative reviews) but you can’t deny it ranked better in theaters where it was released for a wider audience.  It’s outrageously funny and the heart of the film lies on Robin Williams’ knack and talent in the comedy genre.  One of the best RV movies around, the situational scenes surrounding RV living are genuinely funny.  Still, you’re bound to laugh once in a while for this.

Produced by Red Wagon Productions Intermedia and distributed by Columbia Pictures, RV (2006) was directed by Barry Sonnenfield.  Movie critics may say that it was the kind of movie that’s not worthy of the price of theater admission, but it sure is worthy for a movie rent if you want to have a good time with your family.

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