Roban Williams Movies – Frequent Favorites

Rarely will you be able to find an actor so versatile in a wide range of roles as the renowned Robin Williams.  With a career spanning over 30 years, Robin Williams has become a household name in film and television, particularly noted in genres such as drama and comedy.

The best thing about Robin Williams movies is that they are not essentially plot-driven – films are not characterized by too much spectacle, screen prefabrications and visual effects.  While he has a few corny releases such as the RV movie, he has many other great ones.

Films that star Robin Williams are character-driven, which means that there’s a sense of emotional exploration and satisfaction in his movies that make them truly classic and worthy to watch over and over again, and the characters he portrayed are easily sympathetic.

With so many Robin Williams films available to explore, here are some of my favorites –

Dead Poets Society (1989).  The classic film for English and lit majors, Dead Poets Society was directed by Peter Weir.  The film revolves around the story of John Keating (as played by Williams) as she inspires a group of poets through poetry.

Awakenings (1990).  For a film that starred stellar cast such as Robert de Niro and Robin Williams, there’s nothing you could ask for.  Add a very touching and profound exploration of a doctor’s (Williams) experience with one of his patients (de Niro) and you’ll never be the same again by the time you finish this one.  The film was directed by Penny Marshall.

Good Will Hunting (1997).  If you want to watch a Robin Williams’ film that can give you a lasting impact then watch this Gus Vant Sant’s film Good Will Hunting and be amazed at how Matt Damon and Robin Williams interact with each other when it comes to providing the spectators a heartfelt sympathy and catharsis.

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993).  This classic comedy directed by Chris Columbus is sure to give your tears and laughter one after the other.  Perfect film for the family, the film showcases some of the distinct comedic touches of Robin Williams.

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