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Review of the Honda Goldwing 1800 Motorcycle

The Honda Goldwing 1800 is the flagship of the Honda motorcycle range and comes with an airbag as well as many other advanced accessories which go towards making it one of the world’s most luxurious motorbikes.  Read on for more about this motorbike, including what you can expect should you decide to purchase the Honda Goldwing 1800.

Introduction to the Honda Goldwing 1800

The brakes on the Honda Goldwing are fully equipped with ABS. The suspension also gives a lot of comfort, with compression damping adjusted using buttons on the right side of the. The suspension appears in line with the bike, in other words it operates on a sort of flying carpet above the engine – well, that’s how it felt to me anyway!  Other motorcyclists will know what I mean.  If you are driving the Honda in mountainous terrain then you will need to exercise a little bit of restraint when the road gets bumpy or bends are increasing.  This is due to the low ground clearance.

Clear Dashboard Display with GPS Navigation

In terms of the front of the bike, the Honda Goldwing includes a dashboard with speedometer, a tachometer, gauge, engine temperature, and a central digital display that contains radio, GPS mapping, and details on the headlamps.

On the left side of the fairing is everything you need to control the radio, and the central part contains nothing since this is the place reserved for the airbag. On the right side, there are buttons to adjust the headlight height and buttons needed to operate the GPS. Be careful not to take your eyes off the road though, as many of the buttons are placed quite low down.

High Comfort Levels for Driver and Passenger

Rider comfort on the Honda Goldwing is top notch with a seat worthy of a lounge chair.  It provides a very natural feel and outstanding comfort and the fairing is protected very well.  For driving, you will appreciate the adjustable levers and cruise control on the highway.

If you are driving with passengers then they will also travel in comfort.  There are wide footrests, armrests on the rear speakers (optional), large grab handle and the rear seat is heated like the front – which can be controlled independently from the driver by a small knob under the left rear speaker.

Lots of Room for Weekend Travel

The cargo space available is very impressive too. The trunk and panniers allow you to take everything you want for a weekend for two. You can easily store two full face helmets and some cases, although the panniers are not large enough to store a month’s shopping, but just enough for a weekend break as it easily takes two travel bags.  In the front fascia under the handlebars there is another small storage area which includes an MP3 player jack so you can listen to your favorite music.  You can even sync via Bluetooth into your helmet for hands-free entertainment functionality.

Overall, this is one of the best larger motorcycles on the market and is a true market leader, comparing only to similar sized models from the Harley Davidson range.

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