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Lake Osprey RV Country Club

There may be a lot of great vacation spots in Alabama, but few compare to  the beautiful Lake Osprey. For RV enthusiasts, Lake Osprey is the total escape – part RV resort and part Golfing destination. With so many perks and services at Lake Osprey RV Country Club, you’re guaranteed a refreshing good time, a vivid impression of the nature’s beauty and life’s luxuries.

Lake Osprey is nestled at the most strategic place in Alabama, overlooking a startling view of trees, park and other deluxe establishments. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this place as a dashing vacation stopover for the family, or for an extended stay by RV snowbirds.  Exclusive, but not too much so, it is open to Class A, Class C and Fifth Wheel RVs all.

Lake Osprey is well known for its firm dedication of preserving the natural values of the environment. If you visit here then you would discover that everything feels refreshing and invigorating to the senses. Isn’t this something to look forward to in a typical vacation?

Good news welcome anyone who’s willing to stay and retire at Lake Osprey. All the needed amenities that you can find in a typical vacation package can be found here. The mood is warm and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Your recreational vehicle can never have a better place for a stop over than this.

No such thing as a dangerous ride. Safety is a major priority at Lake Osprey. As this is one of the hottest hotspots for retirement and vacation – especially for those RV enthusiasts – security is highly emphasized. The management doesn’t let their guard down, not that is much to worry about in the area anyway.

Vacation amenities are a-plenty. It feels like you’re all over the place with shopping stores selling exquisite products. Aside from the golf and country club features, expect you that will find amazing restaurants, museums and parks to explore. Notable singers like Rascal Flatts, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Mellencamp and Tim McGraw have been here to perform.

At time of writing, prices ran $40 per night, $200 a week, and $550 a month.  While not the cheapest park, the prices are very reasonable for a park that frequently ranks well in lists such as the Trailer Life directory of best RV’ing locations.

This is the best RV destination site in the area. There’s no doubt about this. The place is serene, with landscapes few have ever seen – nature’s peace and natural sunshine abound.


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Lake Osprey sounds like a fantastic place to be. I would love to visit this place in the RV. I love to golf as well so it would be perfect for me! I’m actually going to plan this vacation out before I go because last time I was so unprepared! Let’s just say that shorts don’t go very well in cold weather haha. The snow had kept me from doing anything in the mountains, so I wished that I had a Tailgater then. It’s a cool device that lets me bring my TV with me wherever I decide to go. Even better is the fact that it is all in HD, so I’m not missing a thing. Even if I didn’t work for DISH, I would have the Tailgater because it is such a good piece of tech! I hope this trip goes better than the last! Maybe I’ll actually get to golf. If not, I’ll still have my Tailgater!

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