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Buying RVs on Craigslist

If you’re anything like me you dream of the day when you can wave goodbye to the world and spend your days relaxing on the road with your RV. While all of us have different ideas of the type of RV we want to relax in we can all find common ground in that we want the best deal we can get for our RV of choice. One place to look for that great deal is Craigslist. And while Craigslist has developed a shady name over the years you can’t deny that there are plenty of options there. But should you spend time digging through the sludge?

Is Craigslist for You?

Many folks simply don’t want to deal with Craigslist sellers. That’s fine, there are plenty of dealers out there that are ready to sell you the RV of your dreams at retail or slightly above retail. For those that are willing to dig through Craigslist listing (and potentially find a great deal) for their RV, it’s very important to be thorough. There are many kind, up-front, ethical people out there that are trying to offload their gently used RV at a reasonable price. But there are also many folks out there that would as soon offload your wallet and sell you a water-damaged disaster at an outrageous price. While there are certainly risks to buying your RV through Craigslist you can educate yourself by digging through those listings and learning how to find a great RV at a great price.

So, before going there ask yourself, can you wait 6 months for the right RV at the right price, or do you want / need your new RV now? If the answer is that you need it now then don’t wait, head over to your local dealer and start haggling. If your aren’t in a hurry then read on!

Tips for Searching for an RV on Craigslist

If the answer is that you are ready to wait then Craigslist might be the place for you. There are so many Craigslist ads for RV’s that it’s almost guaranteed you will find the one you want at the price you want if you are willing to wait. If you want to go that route then it’s time to start digging.

For those unfamiliar with Craigslist, you have the option of searching by city. If you are willing to travel to find that great RV than your options open up drastically. For others, you have to set your city of preference and stick to that.

Then you have to know your price range. Mostly know the most you are willing to spend so that you don’t close yourself off to the right RV at a lower price than you anticipated. So, pick your high price. Craigslist has a few filters built in so that you can really dial in to what you are looking for and not have to deal with a bunch of noise. Use those filters by plugging in your preferred highest price, any brands, makes, or models that you insist on, and also whether or not you insist on a picture in the ads you skim through. I always feel that if someone is really interested in selling their item then they will post at least one picture, so I tend to check off the picture box and ignore the items with no pictures.

The best advice from here is that you take the time to dig through the different listings. Certainly don’t be in a hurry, like we talked about before, if you are in a rush then go to a dealer. If you are looking for a great deal then be prepared to wait. I recommend looking through plenty of Craigslist ads before making a choice, not only in your area but in other areas too. This can help you get used to the different types of sellers and really help you cut through the nonsense and find the right person to buy from.

If you’d like more advice on buying your dream RV check out this blog and tell us what you think!

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